The tour price depends only on the chosen rented yacht

The tour price is a yacht rental price for the period specified on the route map. You can find out the yacht rental price per 1 week in our yachts and catamarans catalogue. In the section Yacht rental you can find out what is included into the rental price. The trip route is nonbinding, and necessary fuel volume, fresh water capacity, amount of anchorages in marinas are calculated on its basis. If you have any questions please give us the call and we can quickly calculate the chosen route by you on any water-craft provided in the catalogue.

How do we work


Inform us about the scheduled date of the trip start and number of people.


Choose the ready tour from the popular destinations and address to our experts to arrange the individual route of your trip.


We match the yacht or catamaran to your request and execute the contract on reservation of water-craft.


If there isn’t an experienced captain in your team we will provide you with the skipper.


One of the most popular destinations for yacht trips is Greece and its wonderful numerous islands. They amounts to more than 2000 and each of them is unique and can create the lasting impression. The weather, climate and certainly history and culture of Greece make it incredibly attractive for tourists. And seas waters washing this island state give the possibility to get acquainted with Greece plowing the waves under sail and going on shore in the most interesting places.

Your best trip with FetiD&A Travel

The experts of our company will develop the individual trip route for you. Usually the trip starts on Saturday and lasts 1,2,3 weeks as client desires.

Yacht trip:

We offer you popular routes on the picturesque island of Greece on the yachts and catamarans of different levels and classes. If it’s necessary we will match the experienced skipper for your trip. The price of a certain tour depends on the rental price of the chosen yacht.

Individual tour:

Individual tour covers the steering on the specified or own route on the rented yacht. If you would like to go on the trip on your own route it is necessary to take into consideration possible expenses on fees for crossing of certain water areas borders. It is possible to rent the yacht from Saturday till Saturday on 1,2,3 weeks. Please address to the experts of FetiD&A Travel company and we are excited to answer all your questions concerning the management of the sea voyages on the yachts.

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About us

FetiD&A Travel is the team of motivated experts. We like to travel and improve the formula of ideal rest. Having adopted the best practices of foreign partners on the sea voyages management we fitted it to our market. Choosing FetiD&A Travel you get the perfect service on the yacht rental and cruises management. We match to you the yacht or catamaran for the trip, recommend interesting routes, provide the transfer, assist in visa processing and getting the air tickets. You will not have to worry about anything with us, because our aim is your ideal trip!