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What do you need to know about the yacht rental?

Шкипер для яхты Как арендовать Каталог яхт

How the yacht rental
is carried out?

To reserve the preferred yacht from our catalogue you have to sign the agreement on reservation and make pre-payment in the amount of 50% of the tour fare. To save the money means and be sure that the chosen yacht or catamaran will be available and ready for your trip we advise you to make the reservation 2 months before the tour starts.

You can find the great number of yachts and catamarans of different class and level with their rental prices in FetiD&A Travel catalogue. Below you will see which expenses are included in the water-craft rental price.

What is included into the yacht rental price

Recommended package:

Professional skipper services; Transfer from airport to the car and back; Refueling; Ports anchorage ; Communication services; Yacht insurance ; Final cleaning

Additional services:

Cook services; Another staff

How to rent the yacht

Reservation and rental details

The agreement on the chosen yacht reservation covers the yacht name, route details, information about the participants of the trip, dates, cost of services, payment schedule, parties’ liabilities and other rental conditions. After pre-payment in the amount of 50% you will receive the document certifying the reservation. Below you can review the table of rates on the yacht rental with reservation and without it and also popular ready tours.

reserve the tour

Skipper service

Why do you need the skipper

  • Have the full set of documents for carrying out such activity
  • Have experience in handling of a certain class of the water-craft
  • Know the water area
  • Can speak as local and Russian languages.

If there is not any experienced captain with necessary ship handling license in your group we will match the skipper for your trip. He also will show the sight on the trip route. Skippers working with FetiD&A Travel comply with all necessary requirements.



Sailing yachts

SSailing yachts are the most popular water-crafts type for sea voyages. Active, bright, simultaneously romantic voyage under sail, in the eye of the wind and waves, under the warm sunbeams, when the landscapes are changing as in the kaleidoscope and emotions and impressions overwhelm – what can be better? The rig of the modern cruising sailing yachts is not complicated and they are equipped with all necessary for comfortable continuous trips – convenient passenger room, fitted kitchen, bath, and toilet. Usually the more size yacht has, the more it is equipped. The advantage of the sailing yacht over the motor one is the less susceptibility to the motion, but sailing yachts certainly fall short in the optimum speed.


S Sailing catamaran is just oriented on the trips for large group because its capacious state room has the space for everybody, and it is very pleasant to sunbathe on the large deck! Catamaran construction makes it not only more spacious in comparison with the yacht of similar length but ensure additional stability on water and shallow draft allows raising the land and going on shallow water as much as possible.

Motor yachts

M If you like speed and drive but raven for the extremely comfortable conditions and much more time for dolce far niente (ital. sweet doing nothing) during the trip, your choice is the motor yacht. Motor yacht cruise will show another level of convenience, impressions and complete independence from the wind. The only thing you have to keep an eye on is the fuel storage. Susceptibility to the motion depends on the length of the motor yacht – the longer it is the more stable water-craft is on the waves. The motor yachts also keeps the shallow draft and can go to the shallow water areas.

Luxury yachts

T The yachts of the highest class have the expensive equipment that is designed to appeal to the eye of the sophisticated travelers. The luxury yachts are equipped up-to-date and their interior design is exclusive. Renting the luxury yacht you receive the complete service of the highest level from yacht handling by the experienced skipper to the cooking by the experienced sea cook and guests servicing. Special stabilizing surfaces provide additional stability of the yachts of such level on the waves.

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FetiD&A Travel is the team of motivated experts. We like to travel and improve the formula of ideal rest. Having adopted the best practices of foreign partners on the sea voyages management we fitted it to our market. Choosing FetiD&A Travel you get the perfect service on the yacht rental and cruises management. We match to you the yacht or catamaran for the trip, recommend interesting routes, provide the transfer, assist in visa processing and getting the air tickets. You will not have to worry about anything with us, because our aim is your ideal trip!